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What means of payment are accepted by Europcar Guadeloupe?

Our team of Car rental in Guadeloupe offers you unlimited mileage on all our rentals. We always provide you with new or recent rental vehicles.

The secure site Europcar Guadeloupe accepts most international credit cards: American Express, Mastercard, Visa. If you have opted for the payment in agency, besides the payment by credit card, you can opt for a payment by cash or holiday checks. Payment by bank check is not accepted.

Which documents do I need to present at the Europcar counter at the time of the pick-up?
For the drafting of your lease, the following documents will be required: Your driving license issued by your country of residence and valid for at least 1 year. It must be presented to each rental. Your identity document (passport or CNI), issued by your country of residence. Your credit card (with figures in relief). The expiry date must be after the end date of your rental. Your voucher if you have prepaid your reservation online. NB: the documents of points 1 and 2 will be required for any additional driver to be entered in the contract.
I was stolen from my driver's license. Can I submit a flight declaration instead?
A declaration of theft (or loss) issued by the police may be accepted if dated less than 2 months from the date of rental.

I've forgotten my driver's license. Can I still take possession of the vehicle?

No. The presentation of the permit is compulsory. Photocopies, even certified "conform" and scans are not accepted.

Do I have to leave a deposit for the vehicle?

If you are the main driver, a pre-authorization on your credit card will be done when the contract is written. The amount will be equal to the amount of the deductible in case of loss (variable depending on the category and the chosen insurance formula). This amount will not be debited from your card but only blocked in your account until the end of the rental. If you are unable to comply with this procedure, the bond by a person accompanying you can be accepted. However, this person must meet the general rental conditions in terms of age and permit. In addition to his / her name card, he / she must present identification and his / her driver's license in order to be recorded on the lease as an "additional driver". The amount of this option must be set at the pickup point of the vehicle. The additional driver must also sign the rental agreement with you, thereby committing his / her liability as co-tenant. Finally, note that the VISA ELECTRON card, MAESTRO card, check or cash deposit is not possible.

What does the rental agreement say?
The rental agreement is the document that formalizes the commercial transaction between Europcar and the Customer (tenant), at the time of taking the vehicle. It details the conditions and duration of the rental, the rate applied and the condition of the vehicle. By its signature, the Customer (tenant) accepts the entire contents.

How are additional days calculated?
Our rates are calculated per 24 hour time slot, starting at the time of taking the vehicle. A 30-minute beat delay is granted. Beyond that, an extra day applies.

Can I take out additional insurance or coverage?
Europcar Guadeloupe offers you a complete range of complementary protection: Franchise Reduction Insurance Franchise Suppression Insurance Insurance Young Driver Insurance Insurance Modification / Cancellation You can subscribe to these supplements at Step 3 of your online booking confirmation or at our counters when writing your rental agreement. (Note: "Modification / Cancellation" insurance can only be purchased online when the booking is validated) All of these services are detailed on the site.

Should I check the vehicle's "Check-out" card before leaving the agency?
Yes, you have to check this document which shows the condition of the vehicle at the beginning of the rental. If damage or defects are not stated on this card, you must carry out a joint inspection with a Europcar technician to correct the information.

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